Are all products we can see on actually in the warehouse?
Yes. All products that you can put in your basket on are available in the warehouse. If you can see a product, but not add it to your basket, this means that the product is not currently in stock. It can unfortunately sometimes happen that a product appearing on our stock lists in the warehouse has actually sold out. If this happens we will contact you in person and you will be refunded to the credit/debit card you made payment with.

I have seen a product in the store but I can’t find it on Why?
Our aim is that all products you see in our store can be purchased on, but our newest products and some of our older ones may not be available on It may also happen that you can find a product on, but not in the specific store you visit. This means that the product has sold out in the store, but not on If you see a new product in the store, but not on, contact us and ask us when the product will be available.

Why is the product no longer on the website?
Our warehouse system is directly connected to our homepage, so everything on the webpage is also in the warehouse. If a product is not on the webpage, then it isn’t in the warehouse either, except under certain conditions. Keep checking the website to find out when the product is back in stock. The product may be available in one of our stores, and you can find contact details for our stores here.

Is the product in store?
If you want to find out whether a product is in a particular store, the easiest to do is call the store directly and ask them. You can find contact information for our stores here.

If I contact you, can I order a product which I have seen in the store, but can’t find on
No. You can only order products which are available on


What size is the product?
You can see how we size our products and the sizes we stock, by using our sizing guide. If a product is unusually large or small, we will usually state this in the product information.

Why aren’t all sizes of product available?
Everything we sell is in our warehouse. If a particular size is not available, this is because that size has sold out. It can happen that the size is still available in one of our stores, so if you live close to a store we recommend that you contact them directly. You can find our stores here.

Will my size of a product be back in stock?
This depends from product to product. Some products are available in a limited quantity only, but others will be restocked continually. The best way to check whether a product is back in stock is to look on our website periodically. You can also e-mail us about a particular product.

Why do you have such small/large clothes?
Some people think that our clothes are too big and others that they are too small, but we work hard to find clothes to fit all shapes and sizes.

Is the product large or a small for the stated sizing?
If a product is particularly small or large for its size, we always try to mention this in the product description. We are continually trying to improve this issue however, so that you, as a customer, can feel secure when buying from us. If the product description does not contain any specific information, then the sizing is “normal” and you should follow our size guide. If you are still unsure you can always contact us.


Are prices the same in your stores and on
Yes, generally speaking, but prices on sale items can vary between our stores and online.

What are your shipping costs?
Shipping costs kr 49,- per order.

How much does it cost to return a product?
Return shipping also costs kr 49,- and will be deducted from the amount to be refunded.  


Do I need to register to shop on
You don’t need to register to shop on our website. If you wish, we can save your information with us, so that the next time you shop the process will be faster.

How do I log on?
You do this ether just before you pay for the goods in your basket, or via the button in the top right of the page. You don’t need to log on to place products in your basket.

I can’t remember my password. What do I do?
If you have forgotten your password, simply click on “Forgotten your password?" when you log on. Provide the e-mail you gave when you registered with us and we will send you a new password.

I can’t remember my username. What do I do?
Your username is the name you gave when you registered. It is probably the e-mail address you use most often. If you have several e-mail addresses and are not sure which one it was, then click on "Forgotten your password?"  when you log on. Give the e-mail address you think you have used. If you get a message saying that this is not recognised, then this means it will be one of your other e-mail addresses. Test the addresses you use and if even this doesn’t work, then contact us and we will do our best to help.

If I log on via Facebook, Google or other social media, will you be able to see all my information, pictures etc.?
No. We only receive the information required to complete your purchase.

Is registering with secure?
Yes. We have very good security protocols concerning your personal information and abide by all laws and regulations concerning personal information and internet shopping. One of the most important points is that we do not give out your personal information to anyone else, or to firms who are not a part of Bik Bok.

Is it possible to make purchases from outside Norway/Sweden?
No, We oly ship to Norway and Sweden for the moment..

I have noticed that you use cookies. What are these?
A simple explanation is that they are small pieces of code which the page uses to remember who you are. This makes it easier for us to see how often you visit the pages you are interested in. This information helps us to improve our service to you. You can set your browser so that it will not allow cookies, but if you do that the page will not work as well as it should. All the information gained when you visit our pages is secure with us and will not be used outside Bik Bok. You can delete cookies from your computer whenever you wish.


I am under 18 but want to make a purchase? What do I do?
You must ask a parent/guardian for permission. This parent/guardian must create a user account and make the purchase on your behalf. Making purchases in someone else’s name without their permission is called falsification of documents and is a crime.


How can I pay for my products?
At Bik Bok you can pay with Visa and Mastercard.

Is using a card to make purchases on secure?
Absolutely, yes. When you pay by card at Bik Bok the transaction takes place on secure pages (HTTP/SSL).  We work with Scandinavia’s leading card payment companies, who handle millions of card transactions every day. You can be confident that any information you provide is protected.

Why doesn’t it work when I try to make a payment with my card?
Your card must be connected to the “Verified by Visa/Mastercard Secure Code”  to make purchases on If you have done this and it is still not working, then contact us.

I have a foreign bank card. Will it work?
 Yes, providing that the card is either Visa or Mastercard.

Can I make a part-payment on a purchase?
No. You can only make complete payments with Visa or Mastercard.

Can I use a gift voucher to make payment on
No. At present paying with a gift voucher is not possible, but this is something we are working to change.

Can I buy a gift voucher on
No. You can’t do this at present, but we are working on to change this.

How do I use your discount codes?
You enter them in the basket before you proceed to checkout. Remember, you can only use one discount code per purchase.


How can I check the status of my order?
As soon as your payment has been received and approved we will send a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address you provided in your personal information. This e-mail will list all the products in your order. A new e-mail will be sent as soon as your goods have been dispatched. This e-mail will also include a tracking number, so you can track your order all the way from us to you.You do this via My pages.

Why have I not received a confirmation of order?
If you use Hotmail or another e-mail server, make sure that your spam-filter settings are ‘low’, as this can prevent your confirmation of order reaching you. Check your spam folder to see if the order confirmation is there. You can also log on to My pages and check your order confirmation there. If you don’t see your order confirmation there either, contact us, and we’ll do our best to help.

I have waited more than 6 days for my order. What do I do now?
The first thing you should do is follow the link you received in the e-mail we sent when we dispatched your order. You should be able to see where the goods are located.  If you can’t find the information you need there, then contact us and we will do our best to help.

When I pay by card, when will the money actually be debited?
As soon as you make the payment, the money will be reserved in your account. It will be debited as soon as the goods are dispatched from the warehouse.


Where can I collect my goods?
You can collect your goods from the collection point listed on the collection note you received in the post or via sms. It is unfortunately not possible to change this collection point, but the collection point closest to you is automatically selected.

Can I collect my goods from a Bik Bok store?
At present it is only possible to collect your goods from the collection point closest to you, and not from one of our stores.

I can’t collect my goods. Can I send someone else to collect them for me?
Unfortunately, you have to collect your goods in person. This is to prevent your goods being taken illegally by anyone else. If you don’t manage to collect your goods before they are returned to us we will deduct kr 100,- from the amount you will be refunded. This amount is to cover our shipping and handling costs.

What happens if I don’t collect my order?
Goods we dispatch will be available at the collection point for 14 days. We think that this allows plenty of time for collection. If you still do not manage to collect your goods, then we will deduct kr 100,- from the amount you will be refunded. This amount covers shipping and return as well as our administrative costs.


How long will it take my goods to arrive?
Our aim is that you will receive your order within 3-6 working days.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?
Yes. You have a 14 day money-back guarantee, starting from the day you collect your goods. This also applies if you wish to return your goods to one of our stores.


What do I do if I want to exchange an article bought on
If you wish to exchange the item for another product, or a different size, then the easiest thing is to take the item to your nearest Bik Bok store. Remember to take your receipt. If you wish to return the product to us, you will be refunded and will then need to place a new order for any further products you wish to buy. Find your nearest store here.

Can I exchange sizes?
Yes. But you can only exchange sizes in one of our stores. You can return your product to our online warehouse and will then receive a refund. If you want another product, or the same product but in a different size, you will need to place a new order.

Can I exchange goods purchased online at in one of your stores?
Absolutely! In fact, this is the easiest way to exchange a product. Remember to take the receipt you received in your e-mail.  If you exchange a product in the store, you will get the replacement straight away, and you avoid paying the cost of return shipping.

If I buy a product in one of your stores, can I return it to and get a refund?
If you bought a product in one of our stores, it is unfortunately not possible to return it to our online warehouse. You can only do this in one of our Bik Bok stores.

How will I be refunded if I return a product?
We make the refund into the same account you used to make the original payment.

How long does it take to get a refund when I return a product?
We will refund you within 20 days of receipt of the product. If you return a product to one of our shops, you will be refunded immediately, and you also have the opportunity to exchange the product for a different size or product.


Can I add to/change an order if I discover that I have ordered the wrong size or have forgotten to include a product?
Orders you place online are processed straight away, which means it is not possible to change or cancel an order.


I want to visit one of your stores. Where can I find one, what is the telephone number and what are the opening times?
You can find all the information about our stores here. Please contact the store directly if you have a question about a purchase made there, or other inquiries. This is the easiest way to get the help you need.


I want to work for you/in one of your stores. What do I do now?
Great! Go to our vacancies page, which you'll find here.

I would like to do work experience with you. What do I do now?
Contact the store where you wish to have work experience. You find the store here.

I am writing a project and have some questions I’d like to ask. What do I do now?
Send us an e-mail at:

Is it ok for me to use images for my blog?
Of course! But we’d be grateful I you could link back to us.

I have a question about your policies. Who should I ask?
Send us an e-mail at:

I have other questions about sponsorship, marketing, school trips, co-operation, purchasing etc. Who do i ask?
Send us an e-mail at: