We at Bik Bok are really happy that you have clicked your way to our webshop, where you can shop for the latest in fashions in peace and quiet. At you will always find the latest fashions and we are constantly adding new ones to our stock.
1. Click around the site and find the products you would like to have. Choose colours and sizes. Place products in the shopping basket and you will see the basket being updated. If you want to continue shopping, just click further on the site.
2. When you feel it is time to complete your purchase, just click on the basket at the top right. Here you can view all the products you have placed in the basket. You can also alter the number in the basket or remove any products you have decided not to buy. In the basket, you must double-check that you have chosen the right size and colour of the products you are purchasing.
3. Once you have decided to pay for your products, click on “Proceed to cash desk.” Here you can decide whether you wish create an account by simply entering the information required to complete the purchase or whether you wish to log in via your social network account such as Facebook, Google etc. You do not need to register to shop at, but it is a smart way of avoiding having to fill in all your details the next time you wish to shop with us.
4. Once you have filled in all your personal details, double-checked your email address (to where we will send the order confirmation and other information about your order), mobile phone number (where we will send a text message when you can pick up your package) and your address so the package arrives at the correct address. When everything is correct, you click on “Complete purchase” and you will be taken to a secure site where you can enter your payment card number and complete the purchase.
5. The amount will be reserved in your account, but the money will not drawn until we have sent the package.
6. There will now be a message in your email inbox confirming that we have received you order.
7. Once the goods have been picked and your package sent, you will be sent a new email with a link where you can monitor the progress of your package. This email is your recipt if you want to change your products in one of our shops.
8. When the goods arrive at the distribution site, you will be sent another text message or a notification by post so you know where you can pick up your package. Don’t forget your ID document when picking up the package.
9. Now you finally have your package and we hope you are really pleased with your products!