Bright red, print dresses, oversized blazers & puffer jackets! Stand out in a red outfit, the it-colour this season, the new and oversized blazer, the flower dress from summer and the “new bomber”: the puffer jacket.

Photos: Bik Bok, Getty

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Fall trends

Stand out in a red outfit, the it-colour this season! The new hot combo right now is red mixed with pink.
Or combine two of the biggest trend and go all in with red and flower prints in one look.

Keep summer a bit longer with flower dresses this fall. Wear them with jeans (yup, you can!), over pants or with a long sleeve underneath to stay warm. 

Fall trends

Forget about the bomber - the puffer jacket is what you need now!

Fall trends

Pack away your slim fit blazers, the oversized blazer is taking over. Get them a size too big for a masculine twist to your outfit. Cigarette trousers or a skirt to match it will make your look more delicate.