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 December 2019

Tis the season! Bik Bok is delighted to announce the Après Ski collection now in selected stores and online. A collection featuring functional and technical materials and sporty details – everything you want to wear when the snow hits the ground. Ski suits, sporty sunglasses and cozy knits will be available from December 2nd.

– The collection is based on ski trends from the 70s and 80s when everyone was styled from top to toe. Our mission is to bring this tradition back, says design manager Kirsten Andersen.

– We want to make the outdoor styling easy, wherever you are.

The collection will contain materials such as mohair blend, fleece and water repellent jackets and ski suits in colors that matches the landscape and the Nordic lifestyle.
The Swedish influencers Fanny Ekstrand and Linn Eklund are fronting the campaign, shot in beautiful Zermatt. Their style is playful, colorful and fearless – just the way we like it!

– I would style the collection with a vintage feel to it. When it comes to putting together an outfit that we also can wear to an after ski we easily get inspired by the 80s. Bold silhouettes and lots of accessories, says Fanny Ekstrand.
Linn Eklund agrees, she says it’s important to use clothes that are both functional and have a fashionable look to them. A look that would work as a party outfit as well.
Mix and match the pieces in the collection as you like it. Find inspiration and create your own style with your favorite pieces.
Let’s hit the slopes!
The prices starts at 99 € to 2499 € 

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