«Through the better bag initiative we are hoping to spread a wider understanding of the consequences related to the use of plastic bags and through this,
see a reduction in the of plastic bags to create a more sustainable future»
René Høgsted / Commercial Director


"The better bag initiative" works to actively reduce the consumption of all kinds of bags. We encourage our customers to buy a more sustainable bag.
From October 2, BIK BOK as part of its "The better bag initiative" will start charging customers for bags in its stores as a means to reduce the use of plastic carrier bags.
There is a great potential to reduce the consumption of carrying bags a lot, by changing habits only. This is what we are hoping the initiative will be contributing to.
As an alternative to plastic bags, BIK BOK will offer more sustainable shopping bags to its customers, as well as sell plastic carrying bags that are manufactured in a more environmentally friendly manner.


On October 2, 2017 BIK BOK will launch The Better Bag initiative as part of our BFF (Better Fashion Future) initiative. BFF will also contain elements of re-cycling and transparency, which will be launched in the coming weeks.
The objective is to reduce the use of plastic bags. It is a very simple measure that could have an enormous ripple effect. In addition we are hoping that the initiative through information will help raise awareness of the consequences of the consumption of bags of all kinds.
Any surplus from the sale of bags goes to environmentally oriented projects that contribute to sustainable development. BIK BOK will in the coming weeks invite our customers to help determine the purpose for which the money will go into 2018 and will report on the results on our website. More information about will be available at www.bikbok.com.
The Better Bag Initiative is a response to the EU's decision on a plastic bag directive that will significantly reduce the consumption of plastic bags in the coming years. The purpose of the directive is to reduce the negative environmental impacts of plastic carrier bags by reducing littering, reducing waste volumes and more efficiently use resources. Plastic bags are in many countries a littering problem, an important source of marine littering and a source of micro-plastic.
BIK BOK will in future offer bags or solutions that are more sustainable than today's.


In Norway, we use around 1 billion plastic bags a year. The retail industry accounts for a significant proportion of this.
In the EU, 200 plastic bags are used per person per year. That means that the EU has an annual consumption of approx. 100 billion plastic bags. Only 7% of these are recycled.
All bags, both plastic and paper, have a negative environmental impact. A lot of resources are spend on both production, transportation and recycling.