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The Bik Bok Runway Award (BBRA) is an endorsement of young, talented designers. Through this award, Bik Bok will grant five young designers the opportunity to showcase at Oslo Runway. As a recognition of young talents’ hard work and craft, Bik Bok wants to encourage new designers to pursue a career in fashion and support new prospects within the Norwegian arena.

Within short time, Bik Bok Runway Award has become a stepping-stone for Norwegian designers. Norwegian design is relevant like never before and the number of applicants is the biggest we have seen in the award so far.

The jury of nomination has chosen five designers who they believe deserves international attention and a wider platform. The winner will get production of their full collection financed and a money prize of 100.000 NOK*.

“The purpose of Oslo Runway is to lift Norwegian design and give it international attention. Young talents are the future. We want to focus on them and make sure to give them the recognition they deserve.”
– Tove Sivertsen, project manager BBRA.

This year’s nominees are Bror August, HAiKw/, Merilin Kolk, O-F-C and Søster Studio.

Bror August has made himself noted since he launched his first collection “Film Orange” in 2015. He made his first runway presentation under NYFW in 2016 and has participated in several exhibitions at institutions such as Stedjik Museum (AMS) and Moderna Museet (STHML). Bror August has shown his strong voice and has already been noticed by acknowledged publications like Dazed.

“Great to be nominated! I am looking forward to showing a new collection.”
- Bror August Vestbø.

HAiKw/ approaches fashion through a collaborative practice, and is characterized by making cutting points between abstract art and usable fashion. Emphasis is put on creating custom developed prints and woven fabrics specific for each project. HAiKw/ is run by designer Harald Lunde Helgesen, and fellow designer at KHIO, Ida Falck Øien.

“This nomination awakens our competitive instinct, so now we have to knuckle down and make our best collection so far!” – Harald Lunde Helgesen, HAiKw/

The newly graduated KHIO student Merilin Kolk works with such concepts as relations, identity and sense of reality. Merilin is originally from Estonia and has already an MA in economics from UiO. She has also been an intern for the previous BBRA winners, Anne Karine Thorbjørnsen and Michael Olestad.

“To be nominated for the Bik Bok Runway Awards was a surprise to me. I am thrilled – it is very exciting. Having recently left school it is a huge acknowledgement to be nominated.” – Merelin Kolk

O-F-C is a design office in Oslo consisting of artists and creative professionals within design and audiovisual media, run by Øyvind Ruud. Øyvind has background from both Central St. Martins and KHIO, with an MA in fashion marketing, branding and communication. O-F-C are focusing modern functionality in their design and creates timeless quality pieces, which are sustainable in every aspect.

“We are incredible proud to be nominated for the Bik Bok Runway Award together with so many talented Norwegian designers. The whole team is very excited to learn, collaborate and build new connections through this unique opportunity” – Øyvind Ruud, O-F-C

Søster Studio was founded by designer Pernille Nadine in 2017 and is today run by her and her partner Paavo Rafael. Søster Studio has a burning commitment for the environment. Their production is not based on seasonal changes but are instead inspired by the materials available to create exclusive, environmental friendly collections.

“Surreal! We are so happy to be nominated, as it gives us an important validation that what we do is important. Securing financing is tricky for new designers, and being committed to sustainability and wanting to challenge the systems makes it even harder. Therefore, the Bik Bok Runway Award means a great deal to us. Now we just can’t wait to give you a good show.”
– Pernille Nadine, Søster Studio

This year’s jury of nominations consists of nine persons who for a number of years has had a great influence in Norwegian fashion.

• Hege Aurelie Badendyck – Founder and editor of The Cool Girl, stylist and consultant
• Ida Elise Eide Einarsdóttir – Editor-in-chief of Melk & Honning
• Jonna Bergh – Editor-in-chief of STYLEBY
• Thatiana Campelo Hjertum – Chief of buying and partner / YME universe
• Admir Batlak - Designer
• Alexander Norheim – Casting Director
• Ida Eritsland – Fashion theoretican and journalist
• Michael Olestad Nybråten - Designer
• Ragnhild Brochmann – Art- and fashion historian and writer

The following persons are part of the winning jury and will announce the winner of Bik Bok Runway Awards after the show on the 15th of August in Oslo:

• Ann-Sofie Back – Designer
• Kine B. Hartz - Editor-in-chief, Costume
• Kirsten Andersen – Head of Design, Bik Bok
• Tuomas Laitinen – Fashion director, SSAW Magazine

For pictures and more information:

*Bik Bok provides a mentor and the prize money is earmarked production of new collection or ordering goods for sale.