Angelica Blick

“My biggest hope is that the people will see that the collection reflects me, that it screams Angelica Blick. Obviously, I love the results and it would be amazing if the costumer likes it as much as I do. The dream is to see people in the streets walking around in my clothes. I would definitely go and give them a hug if that happens!” says Angelica.

“Angelica Blick is running one of the biggest blogs in Scandinavia and has won a lot of awards confirming that, which made it natural for us to enter into a collaboration with her. The result is incredible exciting, reflecting Angelica’s personal style” says Renè Høgsted, VP Marketing, Purchase and Assortment, Bik Bok.

Among the most important looks in the collection was a beautiful red dress, short city shorts with a matching jacket in floral print and graphic elements of black and white seen on several pieces. The materials was mostly cotton and elastane.
In addition to clothing, the collection also included accessories like sunglasses, rings, bracelets and earrings, purses and shoes.

The collection launched 26th of April 2014.