What`s better than flowy dresses, feel-good music and bare feet for dancing? Pretty much nothing beats the intensity of music and the feeling we get from it. We`ve picked some of our favorite artists playing at different festivals this summer. So, join us and get in festival mood with the right kind of music.

- Tove Lo, the Swedish singer and songwriter well known for her hits “Habits” and “Stay High” has also seen out and about in our Never Denim collection. Her feminine voice combined with catchy rhythms are a perfect match for festivals.

- Florence & The Machine is an all-time favorite. We`ve all danced to “Shake It Out” and we`ve all probably heard ”Spectrum (Say My Name)” where they teamed up with Calvin Harris. Florence Welchs` characteristic red hair and powerful voice are easy to recognize for music enthusiasts all over.

- Robbie Williams. This English flirt has since he broke with “Take That” made great success as an solo artist. “Angels” made us sing until our throats dried up and got sore. Let`s hit the front of the stage and reminisce.

- Seinabo Sey has both Swedish and West African blood running through her veins and maybe that adds a little extra soul to her music? “Younger” made the hit lists in 2013, and she has blossomed ever since.

- Sam Smith touches our hearts with emotional texts and calm beats, and takes us to places in our minds we seldom visit. We hope he came to “stay with us”

- Ellie Goulding, a British singer has hits like “Burn” and “Love Me Like You Do” on her repertoire. We believe she`ll make her whole audience sing, at least, we will.

- Mew. Our friends from Denmark plays funky Indie beats all over the world. They`ve just released their new album +- and we are looking forward listening to it live.

- Calvin Harris. With rhythm and beats he takes on the stage and the whole world is his dancefloor. He has written and produced music with artists like Rihanna and Kylie Minogue. Maybe you`ve heard some of his music like “We Found Love” and “Sweet Nothing”.

- Kent. Sweden houses many great artists, and one of them are Kent. Since 1990 these boys made the whole Nordic learn Swedish in a flash with hits like “Kärleken Väntar” and “Dom Andra”.

Let`s open our minds, sharpen our ears and hit the scenes.