So you`ve seen the look book from our #bikbokstreetcasting shoot. But, what exactly happens behind the scenes? Have you ever dreamt of being a model, but would like to know what it is all about?

First, you have to get up early in the morning for hair and makeup. And there is a lot of waiting as well.

Being a model means changing outfits in front of people, so don`t be shy. But, then again, a little skin never hurt nobody.

And then there`s the perfect lighting for our shots. The sun is not always on our side, so we had to bring out some extra props. And, another thing we can’t control is the wind. Our hair and makeup artist ran back and forth with her hairbrush and tried calming the storm whenever she could.

 The pictures came out amazing, and our #bikbokstreetcasting models were so professional and patient.