Finally, the day we`ve been waiting for is here, and we just arrived at the Bråvalla Festival in Sweden. After what felt like an endless drive through Norway and Sweden, our Bik Bok van made it to Norrkôping.

All set

Our hardworking girls have been sawing, hammering and setting up the camps in pouring rain, to prepare the ultimate festival experience.
We are so excited to show you the tents, our Glamping area and our fabulous girls. We love the final result, and we hope you do as well.

Fashion all around

Already we found tons of inspiration, and we haven’t even seen half of it yet, and yes; we are eager to see more. Do not hesitate to grab one of us at the festival. Look for a Bik Bok Crew member, we will be out scouting streetstyle every day. You all look so fabulous in your festival outfits.

Say hello!

We can`t wait to see you there. Stay tuned for more festive news, maybe you`ll see a familiar face? And don`t forget to pop by our tent if you are nearby.