We met some stylish, festival girls and had a little chat with them about festivals and fashion

Meet: Ida, Kari, Anniken, Beate, Angelika, Kaja, Anette and Ilmi.

Ida and Kari, is this your first time attending festivals?

K: No, I’ve been to Hove, Peace & Love, Tinderbox and Slottsfjell.
I: This is the first time we`ve been to Øya though.

What do you like most about Øya?
I + K: We love the weather and the fact that the festival is 4 days, and not only 3 like most others.

What is your ultimate festival experience?
K + I: All the biggest artists gathered together at the same time.

What is your best festival memory?
I + K: Florence + Machine!!

Who are you most excited to see?
I + K: Beck, Susanne Sundfør and Alt-J

If there was one thing you could have here, artist, food, person, whatever. Who or what would it be?
I + K: Beyoncé!!