By Deborah Faberlind / 22. October 2015

It has been a hectic week here at Bik Bok HQ and We are really looking forward to many great things being planned for the time to come.

As many of you know, last Saturday on the 10th of October we had our “Donate a Day” campaign in store where all our profits that day will be donated to our project in Vietnam! We would like to thank each and every one of you who came out and made this day a great success!! We are now awaiting the results from the sales to be able to announce the total amount that will be donated to the project.

Last week we also had a brief but highly appreciated presentation for our colleagues here at Bik Bok HQ. They were very happy to see pictures from the trip and to hear more about how things are going in Vietnam. We can gladly say that the commitment that we see in all of you, is shared here at our office and by our girls in stores!

For us the trip to Vietnam was a positively overwhelming experience. It served as a chance to get a true glance at what it is we are contributing to in a bigger perspective. The trip also worked as a very useful way to see how the money is being spent and distributed to actively help improve the living conditions of so many children, especially girls.

During our stay, we got to visit both villages where the project is being implemented. We got to visit the schools where we have helped build new class rooms and latrines and we were also invited to participate in some of the activities that we are being funded through the project to promote long term capacity building for girls.

During our days in Quang Tri we also got to re-visit and talk to some of the girls we met last year. It is very exciting to see the girls feeling and doing so much better now that they are enabled to go to school every day!

When we had a talk with Hum, Hoi and Mao, the girls explained what they wanted to do when they grow up. Hum wanted to become an artist, Mao wanted to become a singer and Hoi wished to become a teacher. It feels nice to see that these girls have big hopes for their future and that we get to help make it a little bit easier to achieve their goals!