By Deborah Faberlind / 

So, as many of you know by now we travelled to Vietnam not too long ago. Our trip to Vietnam served as a way to see how far we have gotten with the project we are funding together with you, and to get a closer look into what more can be done in the future.

During our trip, we visited the schools where the new classrooms, wells and new latrines have been built. This was a very good experience since it enabled us to get a “bigger picture” view of the everyday lives of the young girls we are aiming to help. 

She loves going to school and is top of her class. When asked she said that she loves all subject and she is especially happy about learning English – next time we come she said she hopes to be able to talk to us in English.

Life is still tough for Lieu since she is the primary caretaker of her younger brother after the death of their parents, but we truly see an improvement in her everyday life and in her spirit.

She goes to school every day from Monday to Friday where she is allowed to put all other matters aside and just enjoy being a young girl focusing on learning new things and spend time with her friends – something she truly loves doing.

This re-encounter is precisely what we aim for with this project – that we can contribute to young girls being enabled the opportunity to form their own lifes, to build their capacity and voice in society!