Jenny Skavlan

Jenny Skavlan for Bik Bok


Bik Bok launched the first of three design collaborations with the Norwegian fashion icon Jenny Skavlan in the summer of 2009. Bik Bok wants to cheer on and support young and innovative girls, and after following Jenny’s development, she seemed the perfect match for a collaboration.

The first collection consisted of 17 pieces, including jackets, skirts, dresses and tops that highlighted the waist, shoulders and the décolleté in a playful but classy way. The collection was released in October 2009.

The second collection launched in the autumn of 2010, consisting of 30 garments and accessories, inspired by the futuristic tendencies in the fashion world at the time. Prior to the launch Jenny shared inspiration, styling tips and sketches on her blog.

The third collection launched in the winter of 2011. Jenny described it as playful and glamorous with lots of styling opportunities. The vibe was 70’s glam meets preppy school uniform, with small silk scarves, high slits and pleats.