Mary-Kate og Ashley Olsen

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen


In the autumn of 2013, Bik Bok presented the latest design collaboration with two of the biggest names in the fashion industry: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Throughout the fall and winter season there were three different collections launched, based on the girls’ take on the applicable trends with the Scandinavian it-girl in focus.

The first collection was inspired by the girls’ personal style, including pieces like chiffon trousers, leather jackets, wool coats, angora knits, silk blouses, light jersey tops, jewellery and purses.

The second collection was more feminine and sexy, focusing on evening wear. The idea was that the collection should have all the looks a girl needs in her closet. As with the first collection, the materials were luxurious, consisting of wool, silk and leather.

The third collection was a sophisticated and casual pre-spring collection inspired by an updated safari look. Including chunky knits in contrast with delicate materials with feminine silhouettes, this collection was perfectly styled in layers.

"We feel the collection reflects our personal style and will connect with the Scandinavian girl," Mary-Kate Olsen said. "We've enjoyed the design process with the Bik Bok team and are excited to visit Oslo and Stockholm to launch the first of three collections in August," Ashley added, in an interview prior to the launch of the first collection.