Nicole Falciani

Nicole Falciani

Bik Bok is proud to present the first design collaboration with Nicole Falciani. The collection is designed with the graduate, “studenten” in mind, presenting outfits perfect for the graduation party as well as upcoming festivities this summer.

Nicole has previously collaborated with Bik Bok in the spring of 2016, when she fronted her favorite graduation party outfits for Bik Bok, the same year she graduated. For this year’s collaboration, Nicole designed the collection herself. Bik Bok by Nicole Falciani is an all-white collection, which mainly consists of two-piece outfits as well as an ankle-length dress that stands out.

"I have chosen to focus on other garments than the classic white dress, usually worn by the students that graduate. My goal was to develop a collection consisting of stylish and unique clothing "- Nicole Falciani.

The main inspiration behind the collection is the summer season. As sun, summer and the graduation party are Nicole’s biggest inspirations, she has managed to design desirable alternatives to the classic white graduation dress. This is a collection consisting of minimalist garments with unexpected details.

The collection was launched in May 2017 in selected stores in Sweden and online.