Tatanja Catic

Tatjana Catic

In the fall of 2015 Bik Bok teamed up with Austrian model, blogger and IT-girl, Tatjana Catic. They proudly presented a collection inspired by Tatjana's own personal style and the street style of the world. Her Instagram account reaches nearly 700 000 people every single day and there is no doubt that Tatjana's followers get inspired by joining in on glimpses of her life consisting of travels and fashion. In the search for inspiration for her very first design collaboration with Bik Bok she only needed to keep up with her easy going way of life. "Since I am always on the go, travelling all over the world, I get inspiration from all the different kinds of street style there is! This is also what inspired me in the making of my collection with Bik Bok", said Tatjana Catic.

Key words describing the collection are casual chic and reflects Tatjana's personal style. Colors are kept basic with black, white and grey and with hints of nude and marine blue. Key items such as faux-leather pants and a matching jacket are combined with more sporty garments like a hooded cropped top, jersey pants with zipper details, a heavy knit and a classic blazer. "I will totally mix and match all the pieces in the collection this fall! But I’m guessing that a lot of my outfits will involve the faux-leather jacket and the skirts which are my favorite pieces!" said Tatjana Catic.

Bik Bok by Tatjana Catic was launched in November 2015.