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That's why we love alpaca!

Soft, light, warm and comfortable - no wonder we choose alpaca! A knit sweater is so much more than just, a knit sweater, when we can simply combine airy and comfortable, with simply beautiful.

Glossy and silky

Several wonderful materials have spread to the wardrobe this season. We have fallen for wool from alpaca for both sweaters, hats, cardigans, knit vests and headbands. In a perfect combination of materials that make it easy to take care of the garment and keep it neat over time, the fantastic properties of alpaca wool are taken care of. Therefore, the garments are soft, elastic, especially durable and with a beautiful, silky shine. Alpaca wool does not contain lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic. The wool can be machine washed on a wool program.

Unique, hollow wool fiber

The wool from alpaca is completely unique, even when it comes to keeping warm. Originating in the Andes, where the alpaca lives with minimal oxygen under very cold temperatures, the animals still keep warm with their feathery and soft fur. This is because the wool fiber is hollow, which makes it both lighter and warmer than other wool. The fact that the fiber is lighter, stronger and warmer than mohair, in addition to being as soft as cashmere, makes it an exclusive item.

Alpaca - come to stay

After being threatened with extinction during the Spanish invasion of South America in the 16th century, the alpaca hid high up in the mountains of South America and gradually grew to become a larger herd again. Only from the end of the 1990s has the alpaca been imported to Northern Europe, to a climate that suits it well. With their large eyes and sweet expressions, it is reported that the animals are also pleasant, friendly and very easy to fall in love with. In addition, they are relatively inexpensive and time-consuming to keep. The alpaca fur is only cut once a year. Then it gets rid of as much as 5 kilos of wool, which is described as a great relief, literally, for the animal. The wool from one alpaca thus holds many garments, in contrast to the wool from most other wool-producing animals. It's definitely something we like.