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I really miss all my favourite restaurants in Oslo. I LOVE food and my favorite thing (after travelling) is to gather all my friends to eat some great food and drink good wine. And off course to visit all the amazing cafe`s in Oslo city over the weekends with coffee and Norwegian buns. It`s actually surreal to think that we can`t even meet over coffee these days. Fingers crossed that Oslo (and the world) will open up soon, I can`t wait!

Places I love to eat and drink:
Samson café, Arts Restaurant, Sawan Restaurant, Delicatessen Restaurant, Eckers Café, Amerikalinjen / Atlas Brasserie


The top floor of Clarion Hotel The Hub has perhaps Oslo’s most beautiful view! We look forward to visiting the restaurant Norda when it reopens. We recommend Strawberry Dream Mocktail and Fruity Rhapsody Mocktail from the bar – ENJOY!

Parksalongen at St.Hanshaugen is the perfect place for a date or just a glass of wine with friends.

Pizzaheaven! We look forward to going out and enjoy long meals at restaurants again, but in the meantime, take-away pizza from Jungel Pizza on St.Hans is our go to. Feel free to take it with you in the park or sit on the bench outside – we have been enough inside our homes for a while.

We love to spend Sundays together in Frognerparken, with a coffee to go from Anne på Landet. The park is also perfect to train in with its many different trails. When it gets a little warmer in the air, this is the place to go for picnic with friends. You can also bring a book and sit by the water, or on one of the many benches in the park.

Oslobukta is the new, hip area under development in Oslo. Right now, Talormade is our favorite, but we’re also looking forward to a number of other cool openings here! It’s also the perfect place to hang out in the summer and they have a super nice pier to swim from.

We are looking forward to the swim season! When that times comes, it will be perfect to spend the day at Oslo Badstuforening outside the Oslo Opera House.

Handpicked vintage furniture pieces by the team at Temporärt Studio, my local market at Kungsholmstorg filled with flowers and fresh vegetables (and best berries all summer!!) and Mellqvist, a go-to spot when in need of coffee - three Stockholm favorites. 


Stockholm City Hall. A place I often visit during my powerwalks on Kungsholmen! The view over the waters towards the south of Mälarstrand is absolutely incredible, the place offers nice statues, environments and makes you feel like you are visiting a museum. Totally for free! 

Á la Lo - My favorite café run by a mother & daughter serves coffee from a roastery in Paris, they bake their own pastries and everything is vegan! Frozen banana youghurt is like eating a wonderful ice cream for breakfast (or lunch!) And is perhaps the best on the entire menu (in my opinion!)

Florabaren - A flower shop in true Jamie spirit! Pink walls, disco ball and colorful bouquets! Sofia who runs the place has created a unique conpect, where you can buy both flowers & bubbles. I come here when I want to get that extra wonderful feeling before the weekend and spruce up the home with some flowers!

Having my favorite coffee at “Lilla caféet på Söder” – the best coffee in town (Stockholm)!
My favorite hangout spot “Riche” having afterworks and catching up with my fashion friends.
Pas D’Art. Perfect for long night dinners!

Hotel St.George is one of my favourite Staycation spots in Helsinki. St.George is located right in the heart of Helsinki and even has its own bakery, which is open all week and serves good coffee and mouth watering pastries, not to mention their almond croissant. St.George really stands out from the rest with its luxurious Scandinavian style, top-rated St.George Care spa and unique Winter Garden restaurant. The entire hotel is filled with beautiful design elements which makes it an art destination.

Way Bakery, located in the heart of Kallio Helsinki, is a trendy destination for every fresh bread lover. You should head to Way Bakery for breakfast and order fresh sourdough bread or porridge brewed overnight next to your morning coffee. The interior is also harmonious and the marble tables in the cafe are true eye-catchers.

Coffee place, hotel and restaurant. The one and only Hotel Kamp, Helsinki