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Pointelle - the sweetest trend of spring!

The feminine and romantic pattern is back! Bring the look to a new level with super trendy pointelle. Girly chic - with 90s vibes!

Now we want pointelle on everything from fresh crop tops to lovely cardigans! Preferably in beautiful pastels and adorable silhouettes!


How to style pointelle

The Pointelle pattern last had its heyday in the 90s. Feel free to combine with a mom jeans for a laid-back, completed 90s look - or for a tennis skirt for a trendy preppy look, when the weather is warmer.

The pointelle tops often have extra feminine silhouettes as volume in the sleeves. Pastels and sorbet colors are everywhere this season and make, if possible, the pointelle top even sweeter. So feel free to rough up the look with contrasts such as denim or black. And be sure that a super trendy pointelle cardigan will be a regular companion on the long, bright and long-awaited evenings out!



 Retro pointelle 

- Pointelle is a type of knit that creates a nice and delicate pattern, with a clear hint of grandma's wardrobe, explains Bik Bok designers Mahtab Gargari and Elnaz Gargari.

- The pattern was really hot in the 50's and the Bik Bok designers believe that pointelle is back in the fashion scene because today's trends draw a lot of inspiration from grandparents' wardrobes.

- This type of knit fits very well into the whole fashion universe we call the "ugly cool" trend.

- We have already put our love on the "dad" sneakers and the knitted vest that have taken the grandfather style into the heat. Now it's pointelle - taken from grandma's wardrobe - it's her turn!


Five facts about points: 

1. Pointelle is a knitting pattern with small holes that form different patterns 

2. Provides light and airy knitwear and adds a delicate texture 

3. Works well for everything from nightwear to cardigans, sweaters and singlets 

4. Can be made of different materials, but the most common are cotton and wool

5. Gives a romantic expression, and is looked at as everyday lace