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It`s always a reasons for dressing up! Whether you are planning a small celebration with your family, flat mates or group of friends – or simply want to dress up for your own company – a party top is definitely the coolest thing you can wear this season.

 – I believe in dressing up regardless of the lack of parties these days. A party top is perfect for adding some glam and joy to our lives, Bik Bok stylist Merete Petterson says.

 With 15 years of experience in the fashion and styling industry, Merete is a firm believer in the party top as an essential piece of your wardrobe.

 – Everyone needs a little sparkle and colour from time to time, to make everyday life a little bit brighter.


Party tops for parties – and every day


You will find our party tops in many different designs and colours. Whether you love sparkly sequins and glitter or prefer an elegant top with lace, we got you. Do not be afraid to stand out! Yes, the party top may be perfect for parties, but who says you can’t use it for weekdays as well?

 – A party top is so much more versatile than you may think when you first see it, the stylist explains.

 If you step a little bit outside of the box, the styling possibilities are endless! For a personal twist, try putting on a sequined or shiny top over a white, oversized shirt.

 – That way you instantly add a little sparkle to everyday life when you sit down for your online meeting, Petterson suggests.

Party top + jeans = true


When it comes to your outfit, the party top should be the main attraction. So, feel free to keep the rest of the outfit somewhat more relaxed. You can easily combine the party top with a pair of jeans – preferably loose mom jeans, with a vintage touch.

– If you want to make the party top less festive, you can dress down by wearing it, for instance, with a cardigan over, says the Bik Bok stylist.

But if you want to be the party showstopper this year, go "all in" and opt for our party tops with matching trousers or skirts. A party-ready two piece that eliminates those “nothing to wear” dilemmas.

– Matching sets and co-ords are this season’s big thing, and these ones make you sparkle from head to toe, Merete tells us.


The comeback of the 90s


The party top had its heyday in the late 90s and early 2000s. Stars like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan fronted the trend, and they gladly combined it with a pair of light blue low waist jeans.

– The whole 90's look has made a huge comeback on the fashion scene – so, no wonder that the party top is back. Other 90s trends are, for instance, cropped cardigans and the small baguette bag, the stylist explains.


She loves the influence this decade has on fashion. 


– The 90s trend has got something for everyone. You can easily pick various 90s items to suit your personal style. You can either choose details that adds a nostalgic touch to your outfit or opt for several items to complete your full 90s look – such as a party top, faded jeans and the small bag.


Five reasons why you should buy a party top


  1. Glitter and colours make everyday life a little better! 

  2. You can wear it with everything else in your wardrobe

  3.  It’s a sure winner at a party, but can also be dressed down for everyday

  4.  You can wear it with sweatpants at this year's Christmas party 

  5.  You can look forward to wearing it on a packed dance floor