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Trend colour spring 2021

The future is light yellow!

If there is one color that is able to give us the feeling of true happiness, deep down in our souls, it must be light yellow. This season we will find the color everywhere. 


Trend colour spring 2021

Sunshine, love and a good warm hug in one − the associations make our hearts go soft and summer-ready. Because that's exactly what we need right now − a tender and optimistic uplift.

 Yellow has been named "color of the year 2021" by the Pantone Color Institute. Every year, the leading company in the color industry predicts the new color trends. Bik Bok warmly welcomes yellow! The color that will influence the wardrobe of any fashionista in 2021 spreads joy to all other colors in the wardrobe. Light yellow goes well with everything, and magically has the ability to give lightness and modern freshness to the outfit − regardless of season and style.

The tender beauty is a dream for us who wants lemon curd, butter, vanilla cream and everything else fresh and delicious! In addition, this year's color gives extra glow to the skin − and a hope for bright and easy times, lightness and pure joy. The future is light yellow, pastel yellow and simply beautiful!