Her third collection for Bik Bok is about to drop (make sure you get your hands on it) and this one is slightly different from the other two. The colour palette consists of delicate fall hues and the qualities are more luxurious this time around. We had a little chat with the designer and it-girl just in time for the launch, October 15, to get a little inside information. 

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Bik Bok, Lene Orvik, Thomas Qvale



Do you use more time planning your outfits when it is colder outside?
No, but I get more motivated to dress during fall - so actually, I think I use less time planning. 

Favourite shoes for fall?
Over-knee boots, no doubt. Perfect to mix with skirts, dresses, jeans...everything!

How does your ultimate fall outfit look like?
A fake fur jacket with a chunky sweater, leather skirt, a pair of over-knee boots and some cool handbag.

Are you more considerate of the quality and fit of clothes you buy for fall?
Yes. Definitely. I want to buy good qualities that I can wear for many seasons.

Any specific AW15 trends you believe in? Any trends you don’t like?
I believe in beige and camel suede. I see so many pieces in this colour, and I love it! I am pretty much open to everything, so I don’t think there is any trend I don’t like!

Describe your typical morning getting dressed.
I always do my hair and makeup first. Then I choose my outfit based on how I feel that day. Normally, I don’t use that much time in the mornings because I always know what I want to wear. But, if I’m feeling uncertain, I just go for something safe.



What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?
Check my iPhone for social media updates.

What is your favourite colour?
Beige and off-white.

What is your secret talent?
Talent? Hmm, that’s a hard one. I love to sing though…

If you had to wear one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
A big, comfortable sweater.

One piece in your wardrobe your boyfriend hates?
He always tells me he loves everything I wear. (Too cute, I know) But if he was to change something, it would probably be flower-printed stuff…

If you could have a date with someone living or dead, who would it be?
...David Beckham. Sorry Gard, haha.

What is your favourite scent?
Right now, it’s Jimmy Choo’s Illicit EDP


How is your fashion relationship with fall season?
I LOVE fall season! Ah… Layers, lace, teddy, leather, and warm oversized sweaters, ponchos and jackets. And statement hats adds that little extra to the everyday outfit.

Does your personal style change in any way during fall?
No, I don’t think so.. But I always get so motivated planning outfits during fall. Maybe I dare to use darker colours? I never use dark colours during spring and summer. 

What is your top five key items for fall and why are these so important?
The poncho, a teddy jacket, over knee boots, a lace dress, a hat and a chunky sweater. I love these items because they are perfect for everyday wear. You can mix and match it with each other, or use it with everything else in your wardrobe!

Are there any colours you only use during fall? And any colours you don’t use?
Hmm, I always wear basic colours, but I try to mix in yellow, dark red, green and brown during fall. I would never wear pink, though!

So, how is your fall wardrobe colour palette?
Black, grey, white, beige, brown, yellow, light and dark red, blue and green I guess.

I would never wear pink [during fall season]!


Pick one piece you could wear every day, in every occasion.
That would be the suede shirt. You can wear it to jeans, skirts, dresses.. An every-day, after-work and party item!

Favourite statement piece?
The red sweater. It is so cool, and catchy!

Favourite party piece?
The red blazer. Wear it with just a necklace and nothing underneath, over a skirt or jeans. It is so sexy!

Favourite casual piece?
I love the camel jacket; you could wear it as a suede camel jacket, or an off-white teddy. Also, a big plus; it’s so cosy!

Which piece describes your personal style the best?
Hmm, the suede/teddy vest. It’s a very typical Lene-colour and style..

Did you in any way step out of your comfort zone when making this collection?
I love delicate and light colours, so maybe by adding the red? Not very frightening but still, I love it.

What was your vision behind this collection?
To mix different qualities together and to make something that could fit everyone’s wardrobe in one way or the other. Also, I wanted to give this collection a true Norwegian feeling, inspired by the beautiful nature we have.

Do you feel the campaign shoot supports the vision behind the collection?
Oh yes, definitely! The shoot had the perfect location and expression.

What is your favourite piece?
HARD TO CHOOSE. I love everything. Really. But I would probably say the vest or the jacket.

I wanted to give this collection a true Norwegian feeling, inspired by the beautiful nature we have.