A statement tee for Valentine’s Day!

For several years Bik Bok has been collaborating with Plan International to improve young girls right to education. With Valentine’s Day coming up, the brand takes the success to new heights with a brand new fundraising – this time in collaboration with some of the leading bloggers in Scandinavia.

Some of the essence for Bik Bok is about giving girls access to dreams. This has been, and still is, an important message for us. For Valentine’s Day this year we gave four top bloggers the task of designing their own print for a t-shirt. The profit from the project goes straight to our school project #girlsrighttoeducation in Vietnam.

Joanna Fingal (Sweden), Nicole Falciani (Sweden), Kira Kosonen (Finland) and Lene Orvik (Norway) is already known profiles of the blog world through their shared passion for fashion and lifestyle. This February they show a common engagement for the #mycharitytee project.

The word ”love” was the starting point in their brief, with room for broad interpretation to create an expression representative to both the concept and each blogger. The result is four very different prints, and a wish to reach out on Valentine’s Day.

”The idea behind my tee is that I think that everyone can find it in their heart to help each other.” – Lene Orvik

”Valentine’s Day is about letting people you love know that they’re special. I created a world map to show that every single soul in this world is special.” – Joanna Fingal

Profits from this years Valentine’s Day campaign goes directly to Bik Bok’s school project #girlsrighttoeducation. The t-shirts are available in stores and online from February 3rd.

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