Let B A L A N C E be a part of your everyday life


Photos: Bik Bok, Bulls






Athleisure trend…

There is no denying it, «athleisure» is a trend and it’s not going away.
Playing on the words athletic and leisure it combines sportswear
with casual street wear, you know,
people wearing their gym clothes in other social settings.
A quick look to the streets will tell you that we love to wear
our gym gear and yoga pants. All the celebs are wearing it (Gigi, Kendall..)
and the fashion houses are showing collections based on this
(what about Chloè’s SS16 collection mixing sporty and bohemian?
We love the retro tennis jacket with a flowery skirt!)

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Bik Bok launched its own version of fashionable sportswear, the B A L A N C E collection, that can be worn in any situation – to work, to school, at lunch, for shopping. The philosophy behind the Balance collection is to set body, health and soul in focus. What characterize the Balance collection are fabrics with great feel and comfort such as Modal, Cashmere and pure Cotton.

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B A L A N C E consists of pants, shorts,
sweaters, tops, underwear and dresses –
and can be mixed and matched with anything in your closet!

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