Bik Bok is proud to present the return and second design collaboration
with influencer Elsa Ekman. This fall the multi-talented style blogger,
club hostess and artist presents a collection filled with patterns
inspired by people, culture, nature and dancing.

A year ago Elsa Ekman launched her very first design collaboration ever with Bik Bok,
and was thrilled to get the opportunity once more this year.

“I was so flattered to be asked, but at the same time also terrified because of the pressure
of wanting it to be as good as possible. Thanks to the wonderful Bik Bok team I felt so
comfortable in knowing that they understand me and my ideas – and that they would give
me the freedom in creating whatever I wanted.” – Elsa Ekman.

Key pieces in the collection are the long silky patterned blouse, the culottes,
the short embroidered jacket, the black trashed bootcut jeans and a knitted fringed dress.
Insects, bugs and an oily puddle of rain inspired Elsa in the making of the color palette
for the collection, containing of black, green, white and a deep rusty red.

“I love each piece in the collection! The piece I’m guessing I will use the most
is the patterned silky blouse since it can be styled in so many different ways.
The fringed dress I will wear with the bootcut jeans and the thin silky scarf
will work as both a belt, around my neck and my wrists.” – Elsa Ekman.

The campaign pictures was shot in Venice, Italy earlier this spring.
A city Elsa had never visited before. As she started to sketch the collection in her mind
she saw a city surrounded by water in front of her, which made choosing a location
very simple for her even before the collection was finished.

Bik Bok by Elsa Ekman will launch in selected Bik Bok stores and online week 34.