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Bik Bok proudly presents a design collaboration with the international supermodel and IT-girl Elsa Hosk.
Elsa and Bik Bok share the same values and style; playfulness and a girly attitude.
The Bik Bok x Elsa Hosk collection is laidback and unique, which reflects the current trends. 

The inspiration behind the collection comes from a mix of
Elsa’s personal style and her friends’unique style in New York.
"I had all my friends in mind, they have great but different style,
so I was trying to make at least a few pieces that everyone would love", says Elsa Hosk. 

Elsa was born and raised in Sweden, but moved to New York to pursue modelling.
Bik Bok and Elsa worked together as early as in 2005, when she was a model for a Bik Bok campaign.
The Scandinavian background mixed with the glamourous American lifestyle is the perfect
combination for designing fabulous clothes that the Scandinavian girl wants to wear.

"I love design, and I love affordable fashion. I wanted my collection to look high end
mixed with vintage pieces for a personal style. I don't see this available for girls
at this price-point so it was a really exciting challenge for me", says Elsa. 

The collection features both cool basic pieces with a twist, like a t-shirt and sweater with quotes,
and edgy trend items, like an overall jumpsuit and a corduroy set with matching jacket and pants.
A cropped, quirky multicolor knit sweater and patchwork jeans bring a vintage feel to the collection.
The navy polka dot print dress with ruffles and a velvet dress with white lace
complete the collection and give it a girly sophisticated look.

«We are incredibly happy and proud to present a collection which represents Elsa Hosk’s
personal style, a style that underlines the Bik Bok girl being playful, girly, fun and on point.
We hope that all our customers will enjoy it», René Høgsted, Marketing Director Bik Bok.

The collection offers a range of daytime to nighttime pieces, and adds on to your
existing wardrobe by providing something a bit different; clothes with an edge.
Prices will range from 149/14.99 – 699/69.99.

The Bik Bok x Elsa Hosk collection will be launched in selected stores and online September 2017.

The collection will be available in these stores

Elsa Hosk
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Elsa Hosk
Elsa Hosk
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