Coachella how-to

Your guide to the fabulous festival field

Coachella. Close your eyes and say it again, Coachella. The enchanted world filled with love, music, art installations and more than 90.000 oh-so-stylish attendees. Here’s your guide to the festival field!

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What to wear:

Coachella is the number one fashion festival. The field is a runway and the world is watching through the lenses of all the paparazzi and street style photographers. Think bohemian, rock chic, fringes, denim, prints, leather, lace and tons of statement jewelry and accessories. Your shoes should be comfy for an effortless cool look - opt for suede or leather boots, flat sandals or Converse. This is the place where you should go all in, dare to wear whatever you want and just enjoy yourself. 


What to eat: 

Make sure to always stay hydrated and eat well. This advice may sound obvious, but the heat can suppress your appetite. Coachella offers plenty of delicious festival food like pizza, burgers, wok, churros and smoothies. Drink lots of water and don’t miss the booth with freshly squeezed lemon and melon juice, so yummy and refreshing! 


Don't forget:

- Extra phone battery. Everyone happily addicted to Instagram and Snapchat knows this. There are some charging stations at the field, but those lines are longer than the water lines.
- Sunscreen. Always.

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Insider tips: Take the most beautiful pictures at “the golden hour”, right before the sun goes down. The light is pure magic!