Swedish blogger and it-girl Nicole Falciani is launching her second collaboration with Bik Bok this May. She graduated from high school last year and was the face of Bik Bok’s student collection. This year she has designed a collection of formal wear with the graduate in mind. White, lace and classic are the key words to describe this elegant and light collection - perfect for any May party you might have to look forward to!

See the complete collection here



What was your inspiration for the collection?
- The entire collection is about summer, sun and the big graduation celebration.
I wanted to provide several options for an outfit for the graduate and not just the classic white dress. This is a collection for all girls who are graduating this year and for those who have ‘end of year’ gatherings. The collection is a student-inspired collection, but these items can be worn at any time during the summer of course.


I wanted to provide several options for an outfit for the graduate and not just the classic white dress.


Why did you decide to do a design collaboration with Bik Bok?
- I have worked with Bik Bok before and always had a great time doing it! In addition I love to get to work with all the lovely girls I’ve been working with. I have been shopping at Bik Bok for many years myself, so it felt like an obvious choice!



What was the best part of taking the student?
- Never having to go back to school haha! And of course, the adrenaline kick you get to run out through the school doors with the grade-sheet in your hands and be completely free. Since I graduated I have worked a lot, have traveled a lot, and have started my own blog portal + magazine, as well as working as the face of Puma in Sweden, it’s been fun!

What are your styling tips for those who graduate this year?
- Feel great! As long as you feel good, it does not matter what others think of your outfit.


Tell us about the collection
- I have chosen to focus on items other than the classic little white dress that the student usually wear. I have tried to design clean and classic items that are unique. It’s an all-white collection, except from a pop of lilac. It’s quite minimalistic, but with unique details.

Which one of your garments stands out the most?
- Oh that’s hard to answer… Probably the white long dress. I have never seen anyone in Sweden graduate in a long dress. But I hope I’ll see it this year!

What is your favorite item in the collection?
- The white suit and the white long dress, definitely. But all of the pieces in the collection are pieces that I would wear myself. I couldn’t design something that wasn’t “Nicole”.