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Supermodel ELSA HOSK

From the basketball court in Sweden to angel wings on the infamous Victoria’s Secret runway. Elsa Hosk is one of the new supermodels, and the VS angel has designed her first collection ever: Bik Bok x Elsa Hosk.

See the exclusive collection designed by Elsa Hosk here

Photos: Bik Bok, Getty, Instagram (@hoskelsa) 

Elsa Hosk

Affordable design and vintage pieces!

“I love design, and I love affordable fashion. I wanted my collection to look high end mixed with vintage pieces for a personal style, and I don’t see this available for girls at this price-point so it was a really exciting challenge for me to design this collection in collaboration with Bik Bok!” says Elsa.

The collection features both cool basic pieces with a twist, like a t-shirt and sweater with quotes, and edgy trend items, like an overall jumpsuit and a corduroy set with matching jacket and pants. A cropped, quirky multicolour knit sweater and patchwork jeans bring a vintage feel to the collection. The navy polka dot print dress with ruffles and a velvet dress with white lace complete the collection and give it a girly sophisticated look.

Elsa’s personal favorites are a patchwork knit sweater, a pair of zipper jeans, and a yellow beat up collage sweater that says “happy when it rains”.

Elsa Hosk

Tips: Go-to piece and must-have piece:

My go-to look is a pair of good jeans and a good knit sweater. Or black pants with a t-shirt tucked in.
The must-have pieces in your closet is the yellow sweater, pink corduroy jacket, and all the pants in this collection, they are so good!

Elsa Hosk

The Elsa story

Elsa Hosk was born and raised in Sweden and had a promising career as a basketball player. She started doing some modelling from the age of 14, but eventually decided to pursue her modelling career. And what a great choice she made! After moving to New York to work as a model full time, Elsa has worked for multiple international fashion brands. Today, she is one of Victoria’s Secret exclusive club of angels and it seems everyone wants a piece of the Swedish beauty.


The inspiration behind the collection with Bik Bok is a mix between Elsa’s own style which is mostly designer and vintage finds, and her friends’ style in NYC. “I had all my friends in mind, and they have great but different style, so I was trying to make at least a few pieces that everyone would love. It was fun not only designing one piece like I’ve done with brands in the past, but a whole collection”, Elsa says.

“I would say the collection probably looks like my closet! Pieces from everywhere that happens to look cool together. It’s unique!” 

View the Bik Bok x Elsa Hosk lookbook here

Elsa Hosk

Elsa in 1-2-3:

Elsa lives in New York, her family is in Sweden and she travels a lot for work. Basketball and glamour, how is a day in the life of Elsa Hosk really?

- Everyday is different, that’s my life in a nut-shell.

Favourite food? Swedish meatballs!
Favourite holiday destination? Swedish archipelago.
Favourite TV-show? Sex and the city, still lol!
Sweden or the USA? A mix!
Guilty pleasure? Grilled cheese sandwiches.
‘Can’t live without’ - app? My alarm clock app! 

Products from Bik Bok x Elsa Hosk collection
Elsa Hosk
Products from Bik Bok x Elsa Hosk collection

Elsa’s best fashion tips:

Dress for you! Don’t be afraid to wear exactly what you want. Who cares about trends! Clothes are there to make you feel a certain way, or even to make you feel better. If you always wear what you want - you will always look and feel amazing.

You are a supermodel and a bikini model and is used to showing off your body, do you have any tips on how to feel your best?

- I train regularly, and that makes me feel great, but real confidence comes from surrounding yourself with good people, that loves for who you are and being happy with everything you’ve got.

Pictures above: modelling, Elsa ready for the amfAR Gala Cannes 2017, with friend and model Taylor Hill and lookbook images from the Bik Bok x Elsa Hosk collection. Right: Elsa in Sweden and with her boyfriend Tom Daly). 

The collection will be available in these stores from September 28th

Elsa Hosk
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