Kate Moss, Carrie Bradshaw, 90210 and the Spice Girls - it’s 90’s nostalgic! One of the hottest trends for the fall and winter season is the 90’s inspired look: mom jeans, slip dresses, vintage flower dresses and cropped tops. Put on your overalls, spaghetti strap singlet and bandana and go down fashion memory lane!

Photos: Bik Bok, Getty

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Kate Moss is the poster girl for the sexy satin slip dresses of the 90’s, and hello - they’re back! Get your and be the hottest one at the party or add a t-shirt and stockings underneath, a coat over it and wear it to work. See all dresses here




The street grudge style, with lots of denim and sweats are ruling the street wear even in 2017. Remember the Rachel “staying in” look from 90’s Friends? Mom jeans and a cropped t-shirt or singlet? Recreate the oh-so-hot trend right now; go wild in the denim department, and don’t be afraid to show some skin. Check out our jeans here!