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A BIKINI A DAY - Guest designers

The girls behind the blog A Bikini A Day, Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman has designed a swimwear collection exclusively for Bik Bok, resulting in beach wear that combines trend with comfort.

The complete collection is available in stores and online from March 24th 2017.
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Photos: Bik Bok, A Bikini A Day

ABAD x Bik Bok

It’s all about confidence and comfort!

This collection is a little bit of everything we love. We believe every woman should feel chic and stylish, even in swimwear. Add a hint of sexiness and femininity to the mix, and you have our collection.
The most important thing to us when designing is comfort. In more ways than one, comfort really defines a swimsuit and determines how people will respond to it. At the end of the day, if it doesn’t feel good on your body, and make you feel amazing wearing it, then what is the point? There’s no greater feeling than being confident in your own skin - which is the closest to a swimsuit you’re going to get. Comfort = Confidence.

ABAD x Bik Bok
ABAD x Bik Bok

Dream team Tash & Dev

Best friends Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman started blogging from beaches around the world with focus on bikinis and beachwear, which became an immediate success. Their sense of humor and relaxed attitude has been the foundation for their growing fanbase on Instagram and their blog. The girls also have their own bikini brand and thus bringing a lot of experience in swimwear design to this collaboration.


Our inspiration for this collection came from our travels - not just to one particular place, but all over the world.  In the collection there are prints and colors that resemble Hawaii, but also places like Morocco and Spain. As designers we do seek inspiration from many places for the designs themselves, but what really matters to us is the fabric and the fit. We always work on flattering and comfortable designs.

"Despite what most people think, we can’t express how amazing it is being in business with your best friend. We both have our strengths and weaknesses, so we work around that knowledge with encouragement, support and patience.”

ABAD x Bik Bok

4 must-do’s at the beach

1. Avoid sunburn at all costs! There is nothing worse than getting halfway through your beach day and feeling that burn - not to mention the damage it’s just done to your skin!
2. Stay hydrated
3. Listen to your favourite tunes, or read a book.
4. Beach time is chill time, so do whatever floats your boat and keeps you smiling.

Tash&Dev’s style tips

Our style is quite classic. We don’t go too crazy with accessories or over embellishing our outfits. Comfort is key. Denim cut-offs or sun dresses are usually what you’ll see us in at the beach, always made from light, natural fabrics that breathe and look effortlessly chic. Tash always wear a wide brimmed hat as a beach statement piece, and Devin is always wearing gorgeous, but minimalistic jewellery appropriate for the beach. Less is more!

How to style your bikini going from the beach to a party:
One Pieces are great for this type of look. They transition so well from a swimsuit to a bodysuit or top. You can pair a one piece with a maxi skirt, denim, anything really… It’s the perfect party trick!

The must-have swimwear piece:
A LBB (Little Black Bikini) is essential! It’s an easy go-to, is easily styled and flattering on all skin tones.

ABAD x Bik Bok
ABAD x Bik Bok

How to feel good in a bikini

It’s so easy to say, but feeling good in your bikini is all about your mentality. You have to be confident and own it. It sounds generic, but you have to love and accept what you’ve got to be able to feel good about yourself. For some people that means working out twice a day, every day to have (what they perceive as) a bangin’ bod. For others it’s so much easier - feeling good is a natural consequence of a positive mind-set. We try to be as healthy as we can, physically and mentally, but we still have our off days, which is completely normal.

Beach essentials:

Sunscreen (face + body), lip balm, water, portable charger, headphones and a sarong.

ABAD x Bik Bok
ABAD x Bik Bok

A Bikini A Day x Bik Bok

Swimwear Collections are a natural progression when it comes to A Bikini A Day’s future. We collaborate and feature so many different brands online, literally every day, so it’s extremely exciting for us to collaborate on a larger scale with a fashion brand we know and love. Bik Bok and ABAD share a genuine vision when it comes to style and being on trend. This was our chance to create a collection with a brand we admire and are inspired by.

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