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Inspired by Tatjana Catic

Inspired by Tatjana Catic

She started out on Instagram with no specific intentions at all. Two years later, her account reaches nearly 750.000 people, spreading travel, beauty, fitness and style inspiration every day. When the it-girl were to design her very own collection with Bik Bok she only needed to keep up with her lifestyle to find inspiration in travel and street style, resulting in a urbam chic collection. We were curious to get to know this super girl a bit better.


Bik Bok, Tatjana Catic



When did you start your Instagram account and how was your approach to the social media back then?
I started my IG account 2 years ago with no intention at all. I was a normal student using another new social media app to share some fitness and fashion shots. 

When did you realize that Instagram was a big thing for you?
When I first started to get collaboration requests from labels I had been a fan of for years! It made me feel really lucky.

Do you have any strategies behind your IG profile? 
Most of the time I have a schedule, but once in a while I post whatever I feel is right. When it comes to the caption, I trust my gut.

What is your best tips for a good IG profile?
If you would like to improve your account I recommend you to analyze your favorite Instagrammers too see what you like about them, the style of their images and try to adjust and improve your own feed. 

[I realized Instagram might be a big thing for me] when I first started to get collaboration requests from labels I had been a fan of for years! 

What inspires you in life?

Travelling! No doubt. It inspires me in every part of my life.

Your favorite top 5 travel destinations?
Sydney, London, Los Angeles, Dominican Republic, Fiji. No specific order.

What is your 5 golden rules to live by?
If it feels right – do it!
Think positively.
Dare to make your dreams come true.
Set goals! And work hard for them.
Don’t hate on anyone, focus on yourself.

...and 5 style rules you swear to?
Red lips and a little bit of mascara on a bad make-up day.
Stick to fashion basics when in doubt.
You don’t have to wear heels to look chic.
Buy a good biker jacket.
It does not have to be a designer!


What was your first though when we contacted you about a collaboration?
Such excitement! At first, I thought you were requesting a standard collaboration – me promoting some new pieces. I had to read the e-mail twice before realizing you were actually offering me the chance to design my very own collection!

What has the process of designing and developing a clothing collection been like?
The process was not easy, to be fair. It made me realize how much work people put into designing and creating a collection. It is hard, but when you have the right team to work with it is the best thing you can experience as a blogger!

Which part of the process was the most fun?
Collecting ideas and inspirational thoughts with the team I have been working with was so much fun. We got along super well and had a blast discussing fashion. During the whole process I have learned many things about designing and creating. After being a part of this, I actually realize how little I knew about it to begin with.

Which part of the process was the most challenging?
The most challenging part was when we received the first samples and realized there was still a long way to go until the pieces were to look how they were supposed to. At this point I learned how hard it is to find the perfect production company and that it takes a long time to receive the final samples that actually look the way we imagined. 

Where did you shoot the campaign pictures and what was the story you wanted to tell with these pictures?
The campaign shots were taken in one of my favorite cities, London. The city is very close to my heart and since my collection is chic but still very urban, London seemed to be the perfect spot.

After being a part of this, I actually realize how little I knew about it to begin with.


What inspires you when you are getting dressed or putting together an outfit?
I love to check my favorite Instagram girls for new inspiration, especially when I don’t seem to have any idea what to wear.

What would you say your signature style is?
I always go for basics! A pair of mom jeans and a crop top – that’s what I love. Plus, My red Valentino bag just to add a pop of color. 

Do you have any go-to pieces?
A good leather biker jacket is what every girl needs in her wardrobe! And a pair of cool and comfy sneakers.

What is your solution when you are having a clothing crisis?
Wear all black everything! You can never go wrong with that.

What takes longer: getting your make-up done or your outfit together?
I do my make-up the same way everyday, in exactly 20 minutes. Foundation, eyebrows, highlight + contour. My make-up is very natural and basic, and I hardly wear any color except for the occasionally red lips. I usually get my outfit together the evening before I’m wearing it, otherwise it would take me forever to get ready in the morning! 

Dare to make your dreams come true.