party like bikbok
party like bik bok
Party Like Bik Bok
Meet Sania

Tell me a bit about yourself
I design shoes! I’ve put together the most comfortable slingback shoes in the world. Modern classics meet vintage treasures, with comfort. I am so excited!
I also create content within fashion and beauty, and work with brands like Dior, Wolford and Vestiaire Collective l. Dancing hiphop is a huge passion as well.

What makes you proud of yourself?
That I am good at seeing the positive side of things!

What is the greatest challenge you are facing?
I spend a lot of time solving unexpected problems, which I try to look at as learning something new each time. It can truly be challenging when things one can't even imagine will go wrong, actually do. But it is equally amazing when things unexpectedly goes the other way.

What motivates you?
Life! Making life as full of nice memories and proud moments as possible.

What do you see as your greatest achievement in life?
On a private note, my relationship with family and friends. When it comes to my career, the fact that I have launched my very own shoe brand on my own.

When you were 14, what did you want to do with your life?
I started dancing a lot of hiphop around that age. Was hosting classes and workshops, but I also did shows and battles with friends. School was very important to me. I did not have any specific dream job at the time. I was focusing on making sure I had all the options I wanted whenever it was time to decide. I graduated with straight A's. :)

What do you wish you knew back then, that you know now?
That everything always works out no matter what. You gotta trust life. 

What pressure do you feel under – if any?
It's important to remember you can't please everybody. I only feel pressure when I don't manage all the things I want to, but at the same time I am becoming good at not letting that pressure affect my wellbeing. Few things are worth really worrying about. Life is short. 

Who/what is your style inspiration?
French girls!

Your best party go-to styling tip?
Wearing a great dress, it's fun, easy, comfortable and feminine.

Party like bik bok