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The project goals

The goal of #GIRLSrighttoeducation Bangladesh project is to empower adolescent children, particularly girls, through education with relevant life and livelihood skills to prevent child marriage.  In this project we aim for:

-          Girl friendly schools with safe, inclusive environment and supportive school governance

-          Supportive parents, caregivers and community for girls empowerment

-          Students continuing education

Project overview

The project will directly contribute to the empowerment of children by continuing their education with relevant life and work skills and prevent child marriage. 3500 children will benefit from different activities, 84 teachers will be trained and about 2000 parents are involved.

Through the collaboration with Plan, Bik Bok supports three schools and a Madrasa in Singimati, in northern Bangladesh. We also support TVET(Technical and Vocational Education and Training) departments at two of the schools. TVET is vocal education and training which provides knowledge and skills for employment.


Why girls in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh has one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world. In Bik Bok we support girls and believe that gender equality is crucial for achieving positive long-term change in the world. There is still a whole world of girl potential out there waiting to be released. We like the idea that girls in Scandinavia can help peers in developing countries through #GIRLSrighttoeducation.

Bangladesh is important to Bik Bok since many of our suppliers are located here. The challenges faced by the textile and garment industry are numerous and complex. We want to meet these challenges with focus on honesty and commitment to develop and improve. Through our Bangladesh office we have developed rigorous procedures for constant evaluations of the factories. If improvement plans are initiated, they are followed up by regular on-site visits from our CSR staff. Our attitude is that all companies can contribute to increase human dignity, and that our commitment will make a difference.


Plan X Bik Bok

These students in Singimari in Bangladesh receive education through Bik Bok's initiative, #GirlsRightToEducation. The purpose of the support is to strengthen the students and equip them and their families with necessary knowledge to prevent child marriage.
Photo: Plan International.
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