We are giving away a full party outfit of your choice to TWO lucky @bikbok followers!

The winner can choose a total of 10 items: one jacket or blazer, one top or blouse, one pant or skirt, one Never Denim jeans, one dress, accessories (one necklace + one set of earrings + one hair accessory) & one underwear set (top + bottom).

The winners will be announced in stories, in the comments of the post and receive a message from @bikbok on Wednesday December 8th. This is the only way you will be announced as one of the winners.


Tap link to enter the giveaway. 



You are free to enter the giveaway if you are 18 or over the age of 18 years old. Employees and family members of employees cannot enter the giveaway. Bik Bok has the right to appoint a winner of the giveaway. A new winner can be chosen if the criterias of entering the competition are not met or if we are unable to get in touch with the winner. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash. Taxes that may occur on the prize must be paid by the winner.

We will not ask you to register your account number as a way to receive you prize. If you receive any suspicious messages regarding the giveaway from similar accounts, then they are fake.

The winner will be contacted by our one and only account @bikbok