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This is Peachy!

Introducing Peachy High, an innovative new jeans model from Never Denim at Bik Bok. 

"Our goal is to offer something new. We realized that we need more fits, and want to offer something to those who seldom find jeans that fit them well. We know our customer will appreciate this. The construction is entirely different for Peachy, and accentuates the shape of the body in a new way. Peachy works on different bodies and different shapes", says head designer for Never Denim, Jonas Rådberg.

Peachy is a high waist jean with a slim silhouette. Working on Peachy, the design team created a new pattern. Peachy has a rounded shape, whereas most jeans have a straight pattern. This shape is what makes Peachy High special.

"Peachy is gap free in the back, due to design, and there is given a little more room in the area around the hips and thighs».

Peachy is peach perfect!


Peachy High from Never Denim - in stores from August 5th / week 32.

Peachy high press release