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success starts with her[self]

her[work] is a part of our initiative her[self]. her[work] focuses on the magic that happens when women find their path in a professional sense. Fuelled by purpose, passion and prosperity. Through her[work] Bik Bok will share some truly inspirational stories on finding success through [work]

On the 6th of March 2020 we launched our first ever her[work] collab. Three, different female artists have contributed their own work to print on a part of our collection. A super soft, oversized hoodie turned artwork. No wonder this project became special to us. Artist Thea Elise Klingvall and photographers Hinda Fahre and Amanda Gylling contribute to female creativeness in their own special way and we could not be prouder to share their [work] with you. 

The her[work] collection is launching in connection with the International Women’s Day and will be available in selected stores and at It will be accompanied by a series of short films where Thea, Hinda and Amanda share their own definition of success and how it starts with her[self]



her[work] will also support ‘Girls Right to Education’ – Bik Bok’s initiative funding a project partnership with PLAN. Bik Bok will donate the profit of the collection to help finance education for young girls in Bangladesh.
Through education, human dignity is restored, while girls' potential to influence the world is released. By connecting her[work] and ‘Girls Right to Education’ Bik Bok aspire to create true girl power – her[work] supporting her[future].

Read more about the project here.

Her[work] Amanda - success starts with herself







Amanda Gylling is a Swedish photographer and visual creator based in Stockholm. Her interest in analogue photography started when several family members decided to give her analogue cameras for her 23rd birthday – without coordinating with each other. If there was ever a reason to believe in signs – this was a big one. 

Since then, taking pictures and creating visual stories have become Amanda’s livelihood and passion. She claims she’s not one for planning and that her work method is very much about what happens in the presence. That undefinable feeling   ̶ an old man drinking coffee, the human body turned into a shape, an object placed somewhere unexpected, or a parasol at a beach.  
̶  I love what happens in between boring and weird. Something has to tickle the eye.


For her[work] Amanda chose a picture with a truly poetic and beautiful story
– The hand in the photo belongs to a non-binary trans woman – Bella. I chose this picture because I fell in love with the shape of the hand. However, it also tells a story about how success starts with yourself and furthermore – being yourself. 


When your work is based around your ideas and creative mindset, there are no “office hours”.
̶  We are constantly exposed to what everyone else is doing and it’s easy to get confused about your own path. Even though inspiration is great, it can also distract me away from my own original ideas and impulses. There’s a fine line there. I am still figuring out the balance. It’s an ongoing process…But what I do know – as for right now – is that everything gets easier if you manage to be kind to yourself and see life through a playful lens. 







"I love what happens in between boring and weird. Something has to tickle the eye.


- Amanda Gylling



her[work] hoodie, Amanda Gylling, success starts with herself
Her[work] Hinda - success starts with herself







Hinda Fahre is a Norwegian photographer based in Oslo. Her first camera was analogue, and something fell into place when she started using it. How it captured colour and how everything looked on film. Her work as a photographer makes sure to keep her days varied, but her method and choice of  “tool” remains.
– You can’t stop to look at the pictures in between takes, like you can with a digital camera. It forces you to stay focused in the moment and work from intuition. The whole process is truly special. Down to the feeling I get after the film is developed and I can see how my vision has come to life. 
When you can’t control every detail, change and edit while on set – you have to trust your experience.
– I work from an inside feeling. It changes between energetic and calm. A feeling of serenity and space. Something that got my attention, looks beautiful or even surprises me.

For her[work] Hinda has chosen a piece that reflects her aesthetics 
– There is something about the mood in this picture – the shadows, and how the colours look together. I keep coming back to this type of motive and I always look to find the beauty in simplicity and everyday life.
Hinda keeps “practicing” her skill. Her inspiration is found from nature.
– I often bring my camera in case of an opportunity.
– Sunlight has always been a source of inspiration. It’s constantly changing. It changes colours, a room, a landscape or how we see an object.







"I don’t believe in putting femininity into a box.


- Hinda Fahre



her[work] hoodie, Hinda Fahre, success starts with herself
Her[work] Thea Elise - success starts with herself







Some children spend their time daydreaming, while artist Thea Elise Klingvall was “paint-dreaming” growing up. Creating a world of her own through colour and shape, manifesting femininity and power through art. Thea is all about girl power. Both the ‘girls’ and the ‘power’ – equally. Vibrant use of colour characterizes Theas work and she believes that everything becomes beautiful when put into colour.

She is currently working towards her second solo exhibition 
– I always find inspiration in colours and even though I prefer not to play favourites, I am currently in a pink state of mind. It symbolizes romance, dreams, happiness and a flimsy playfulness – which I like.

Even the piece Thea chose for her[work] has some pink in it – but it tells a bigger story. 
– The girl in the painting is experiencing a moment of inner calm after being faced with a big decision. A moment of “Nirvana”. An inhale/exhale kind of feeling where her intuition confirms she did the right thing – and it will all be fine. 
She remembers painting it…

– It was during Spring 2018. Each painting takes several weeks, at least – but I spent even longer on this one. Partly because of the weather. It was sunny and warm, and I was happy. I had been struggling with my self-esteem all winter and was finally feeling like myself again. 

Strength, confidence and diversity are all big themes in most of Thea’s art. On one of her regular jogs, some graffiti words caught her eye
– “If we all think alike, no one is really thinking” it said. It has stayed with me ever since. I would like to give a shout-out to whoever poet wrote that.  







"If we all think alike, no one is really thinking.


- Thea Elise Klingvall



her[work] hoodie, Thea Elise Klingvall, success starts with herself