In July 2018 we committed to our second project with Plan International. As the pervious project in Vietnam this is also focusing on girls’ rights and the obstacles that prevent them from accessing or staying in school. The current project spans over a 3 year period and is being implemented in northern Bangladesh.

The area of Singimari where the project is being implemented, is a poverty stricken area where about 78% of the population are living below the poverty line. Many girls are forced to drop out of school at an early age to help out with the family economy. They have to work, take care of their siblings, or are married off at an early age. Due to economic, cultural and social reasons, there is a general lack of understanding and knowledge about the importance of a girl’s education.

The objectives for this project are:

  • Ensure that schools have a safe and inclusive girl-friendly environment, infrastructure and supportive school governance that promotes enabling learning opportunity.
  • Ensure that parents, caregivers and communities are supportive and responsive to their children’s aspiration as individuals with rights, free-will and opportunities.
  • Students, especially girls continue their education with relevant life and livelihood skills and career aspirations.

Example of activities that will be carried out are:

  • Support schools to develop inclusive and flexible pedagogy
  • Arrange mentoring with women leaders to ensure life aspirations for girls
  • Parenting sessions addressing the issues of early marriage, making them aware of the life opportunities the girls have if they stay in school.
  • Arranging groups for girls to practice life skills and educating them on the benefits of staying in school and including boys in these groups to support the cause.

The overall goal with this project is to ensure that girls are lifted out of poverty. In the future, the villages are a better place for all the children to grow up.

Photo credit: Plan International
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