Membership terms Bik Bok life

These terms apply to Bik Bok life, a loyalty program developed by Bik Bok AS (Company No. NO981930010).

Membership Terms

When you sign up to the Bik Bok life loyalty program you agree that Bik Bok can send you discount rewards, special offers and relevant information via the mobile App, SMS and / or email. (You choose which channels Bik Bok life can contact you). The membership is linked to your mobile number which you can use to identify yourself in our stores.

Membership and sign up to the Bik Bok life loyalty program is free of charge. To become a member, you must be at least 16 years old. The membership is personal and cannot be transferred.

There is no binding period and you can cancel your membership in Bik Bok life at any time. Cancellations can be done via the App or via email If you have not collected points or otherwise used your membership of Bik Bok life for a period of more than 36 months, this will constitute withdrawal as described below.

Bik Bok life will send a reminder upon the expiration date to use your remaining discount rewards. Upon withdrawal, you have 6 weeks to use your discount rewards. After 6 weeks, all of your personal data, points and discount rewards will be deleted. Bik Bok reserves the right to deviate from this point in the case of attempted fraud.

Bik Bok might modify or add to the terms and conditions of Bik Bok life and the existing guidelines in the loyalty program in the future. Changes in the terms and conditions will be notified to members at least 6 weeks before the change take effect. Such notification may come in the form of messages in the App.

Your membership is valid until you cancel it, or until 36 months have passed without collecting any points. Bik Bok is also entitled to terminate your membership if Bik Bok decides to discontinue Bik Bok life.


As a member of Bik Bok life you collect points by being active in the App or when you complete a purchase in any Bik Bok store (incl. the webshop), with the exception of the purchase of gift cards.

For the point to be registered, you must display the customer ID or mobile number at checkout. In the online store, you must log in to your account.

When you become a member in to Bik Bok life loyalty program you are automatically assigned points upon registration. Saved points are valid for 12 months, and any downgrade of membership level will be performed quarterly. Bik Bok Life reserves the right to change the levels at a later time.

• Points will be registered at the time of purchase or when you complete tasks in the App. There could be a delay of 48h.

• You can collect points throughout your membership period.

• Points are not redeemable for cash.

• Bik Bok life rewards cannot be used in combination with other bonus cards or discounts.

• Bik Bok life may also downgrade you to another level if your total score is not equivalent to that required for a particular level.

Discount rewards / rewards

• Discount rewards is only valid on full price items and cannot be combined with other offers.

• Discount rewards can be presented as a % - discount or price reduction.

• The time of validity of the rewards may vary.

• Discount rewards can only be used once.

• Discount rewards cannot be redeemed in cash, and in the case of a remaining amount, the amount will cease to apply upon a purchase that is smaller than the coupon’s value.

Should a situation arise that makes it impossible for Bik Bok to fulfill its obligations related to point levels, discount rewards and rewards, that is considered as Force Majeure, the affected party’s obligations ceases as long as the extraordinary situation persists.

Personal information and purchasing information

As a member of the Bik Bok life loyalty program you agree to that Bik Bok AS, Nesøyveien 4, 1396 Billingstad, stores your purchase information as the basis of points earned and membership campaigns and process your personal data in connection with your membership in Bik Bok life. Bik Bok store, process and use personal data (such as name, address, email address, phone number, location and usage history) to be able to verify your mobile number, send discount rewards / rewards and contact you with regards to your membership in Bik Bok life. When you make a purchase and register in the checkout by entering your mobile number as your Bik Bok life ID, or online by logging into your profile, purchase information will be transferred to Bik Bok (including information on place, time and amount of your purchases and information about whether it is a return or not). This transaction data is used as the basis for earning points, as well as the allocation of points / rewards.

Bik Bok may use localization features in the App, in the form of e.g. interfaces to iBeacons. The localization data is only used to deliver localized offers through the App, such as offers that are only applicable in your current location   You may at all times disable any localization features available, either in the App or by turning of Bluetooth on your mobile device.

Bik Bok may also, through the App, register if you share Bik Bok content (links, social media posts etc.), to award you points for such activity.

Bik Bok will not disclose your personal data to third parties. However, Bik Bok may use sub-contractors and these sub-contractors may process your personal data on behalf of Bik Bok. Bik Bok will remain the control of your personal data, and the sub-contractor will only process your personal data according to instructions from Bik Bok and after entering into a data processing agreement with Bik Bok. You have the right to obtain information about your personal data stored with Bik Bok regardless of how they are registered. You have the right to require your data deleted at any time. To delete your data, contact us at or call us on +358 2 480 97173.

You, as a member, are responsible for informing Bik Bok on changes in your contact information such as name, address, mobile number and email. If you want to change or add information about yourself, you can do this in the App, at or by contacting customer service.

By agreeing to electronic communications (SMS / email) in Bik Bok life you agree to that Bik Bok can collect, process and use your personal data for direct marketing, and send you the discount codes, special offers and relevant information around promotions and special offers. This communication will be sent by the Bik Bok life App on your mobile, SMS or email, based on which channel you have agreed to receive information via.

Do you have questions about Bik Bok life? Send an e-mail to our customer service ( or call us on +358 2 480 97173. Please read more about the terms and conditions on