I have seen a product in the store but I can’t find it on Why?
Our aim is that all products you see in our store can be purchased on, but our newest products and some of our older ones may not be available on It may also happen that you can find a product on, but not in the specific store you visit. This means that the product has sold out in the store, but not on If you see a new product in the store, but not on, and ask us when the product will be available.

Is the product in store?
If you want to find out whether a product is in a particular store, the easiest to do is call the store directly and ask them. You can find contact information for our stores here.

If I contact you, can I order a product which I have seen in the store, but can’t find on
No. You can only order products which are available on

Why is the product no longer on the website?
Our warehouse system is directly connected to our homepage, so everything on the webpage is also in the warehouse. If a product is not on the webpage, then it isn’t in the warehouse either, except under certain conditions. Keep checking the website to find out when the product is back in stock. The product may be available in one of our stores, and you can find contact details for our stores here.