Do I need to register to shop on bikbok.com?
You don’t need to register to shop on our website. If you wish, we can save your information with us, so that the next time you shop the process will be faster.

How do I log on?
You do this ether just before you pay for the goods in your basket, or via the button in the top right of the page. You don’t need to log on to place products in your basket.

I can’t remember my password. What do I do?
If you have forgotten your password, simply click on “Forgotten your password?" when you log on. Provide the e-mail you gave when you registered with us and we will send you a new password.

I can’t remember my username. What do I do?
Your username is the name you gave when you registered. It is probably the e-mail address you use most often. If you have several e-mail addresses and are not sure which one it was, then click on "Forgotten your password?"  when you log on. Give the e-mail address you think you have used. If you get a message saying that this is not recognised, then this means it will be one of your other e-mail addresses. Test the addresses you use and if even this doesn’t work, then contact us and we will do our best to help.

Is registering with bikbok.com secure?
Yes. We have very good security protocols concerning your personal information and abide by all laws and regulations concerning personal information and internet shopping. One of the most important points is that we do not give out your personal information to anyone else, or to firms who are not a part of Bik Bok.

I have noticed that you use cookies. What are these?
A simple explanation is that they are small pieces of code which the page uses to remember who you are. This makes it easier for us to see how often you visit the pages you are interested in. This information helps us to improve our service to you. You can set your browser so that it will not allow cookies, but if you do that the page will not work as well as it should. All the information gained when you visit our pages is secure with us and will not be used outside Bik Bok. You can delete cookies from your computer whenever you wish.