What size is the product?
You can see how we size our products and the sizes we stock, by using our sizing guide. If a product is unusually large or small, we will usually state this in the product information.

Why aren’t all sizes of product available?
Everything we sell is in our warehouse. If a particular size is not available, this is because that size has sold out. It can happen that the size is still available in one of our stores, so if you live close to a store we recommend that you contact them directly. You can find our stores here.

Will my size of a product be back in stock?
This depends from product to product. Some products are available in a limited quantity only, but others will be restocked continually. The best way to check whether a product is back in stock is to look on our website periodically. You can also e-mail us about a particular product.

Why do you have such small/large clothes?
Some people think that our clothes are too big and others that they are too small, but we work hard to find clothes to fit all shapes and sizes.

Is the product large or a small for the stated sizing?
If a product is particularly small or large for its size, we always try to mention this in the product description. We are continually trying to improve this issue however, so that you, as a customer, can feel secure when buying from us. If the product description does not contain any specific information, then the sizing is “normal” and you should follow our size guide. If you are still unsure you can always contact us.